Applying for NMTC Financing

Obtaining NMTC financing is extremely competitive even for Borrowers who are located in “highly distressed” “low-income communities” and provide substantial community and economic benefits to “targeted populations.”

In order to be competitive in applying for the Forgiven Loan, the Borrower must (a) provide a detailed and persuasive application, and (b) be proactive in applying as soon as the need for the Forgiven Loan is identified.

With over 20 years of experience closing approximately $1.6 billion of NMTC financings, we are technically and uniquely qualified to represent our clients at each step of the NMTC Financing.

Specifically, our financial, legal, accounting, and tax backgrounds, as well as our significant experience in community and economic development finance, enables us to strategically underwrite, structure and close these complex financings by providing the maximum financial multiplier effect using all sources of private capital and public subsidies.

We have significant experience in drafting grant applications, as well as reviewing grant applications on behalf of the CDFI Fund.  Therefore, we are able to provide unique experience in drafting applications to Allocatees, Tax Credit Purchasers and Leverage Lenders. We provide the quality, details and persuasiveness that are beneficial when applying on behalf of our clients to Allocatees, Tax Credit Purchasers, and Leverage Lenders.

Additionally, we have relationships with these Allocatees, Tax Credit Purchasers, and Leverage Lenders.  Therefore, we serve as a gateway of credibility when submitting client applications to them.

Based on our prior experience, we have developed our Comprehensive NMTC Intake Form.  This Form is the product of our compilation and updates of the questions virtually all of the Allocatees’, Tax Credit Purchasers’, and Leverage Lenders’ intake forms, as well as our knowledge of their underwriting criteria which may not be clear in such intake forms.

We also have detailed profiles of Allocatees, Tax Credit Purchaser, and Leverage Lenders, which we update to reflect changes in economic terms and underwriting criteria based on current demand.

If you would like to determine whether or not we believe that your particular financing may qualify for NMTC financing, please click on the following link:

Our fees for securing Allocatees, Tax Credit Purchasers, and Leverage Lenders are contingent upon the funding of the NMTC Financing.

If you believe that your project, business or nonprofit may qualify for NMTC Financing, please complete our Initial Intake Form.

Upon engagement, we will:

  • provide our client with our Comprehensive NMTC Intake Form;
  • structure of the overall financing:
    • confirm that all of the Allocatees’, Tax Credit Purchasers’, and Leverage Lenders’ unique underwriting requirements are satisfied;
    • quantify and qualify applicable primary and secondary distress characteristics of the census tract;
    • quantify and qualify direct and indirect community and economic impacts;
    • access and document strong local support and possible catalytic subsequent economic and community development; and
    • perform such other services depending on the unique facts and circumstance of our client and the proposed NMTC Financing.

We will identify and solicit Allocatees for:

  • maximum “sub-allocation” of their NMTC Allocation Awards;
  • maximum forgiveness of the Forgiven Loan;
  • optimal economic terms;
  • optional flexible financial underwriting criteria;
  • low “sub-allocation” fees; and
  • inclusion in their annual NMTC Allocation Award applications to the CDFI Fund (or to become a part of their pipeline of proposed NMTC Financings and/or as a backup financing if any of their pipeline projects are not able to close);

We will identify and solicit Tax Credit Purchasers for:

  • optimal NMTC pricing;
  • other optimal financing terms; and
  • optimal flexible financial underwriting criteria.

We will identify and solicit Leverage Lenders to the extent that our client has not identified Leverage Lender(s) for the amount of leverage funds needed (or its 2 years of prior expenditures) for:

  • optimal interest rate;
  • other optimal financial terms; and
  • optimal flexible financial underwriting criteria.

We quarterback each NMTC Financing from start to finish, and our fees are contingent upon our securing such financing on behalf of our clients.

To apply for NMTC Financing, please click on the following link: