Applying for NMTC Financing

Community Reinvestment Associates determines an optimal and flexible structure by leveraging other sources of the capital stack, the borrower’s prior expenditures, and addresses underwriting terms.  Our proposed NMTC financing structures can be used to reduce equity requirements of the owners of the borrower as well as secure additional sources of financing that otherwise would not be available.

With over 20 years of experience closing approximately $1.1 billion of NMTC financings, we are technically and uniquely qualified to represent our borrower clients at each step of the NMTC financing.

Specifically, our financial, legal, accounting, and tax backgrounds, as well as our significant experience in community and economic development finance enables us to strategically underwrite, structure and close these complex financings by providing the maximum financial multiplier effect using all sources of public subsidies and private capital.

Additionally, on behalf of the CDFI Fund, we have reviewed CDEs’ applications for NMTC Allocation Awards.

Moreover, we have strong relationships with Allocatees, Investors, and providers of leverage funds, and are aware of their current and long term demand for certain types of borrowers (such as health care, manufacturing, or education etc.); what the NMTC financing will be used for (such as real estate, equipment and/or operations financing); types of communities (such as rural or urban), and location in the United States in which the borrower or project is located (such as an “underserved” state). Such demand criteria can vary from year to year (or within a year).

Our fees are contingent upon the funding of the NMTC financing.

If you believe that your project, business or not profit could qualify for NMTC financing, please complete our Initial Intake Form.

Upon engagement we will:

  • promptly provide our Comprehensive NMTC Financing Intake Form, and answer any questions relating to the questions in such form and complete all applicable sections relating to our services described below;
  • identify, profile and solicit (a) NMTC Investors (for best pricing and terms); (b) Allocatees (for maximum NMTC Allocation, low fees, maximum forgiveness of the Forgiven NMTC Loan, and other favorable terms); and (c) sources of leverage needed for the NMTC financing (to create a maximum economic multiplier effect of the NMTC Program Subsidy for our clients);
  • underwrite the NMTC financing to satisfy each of the unique underwriting requirements of each applicable NMTC Investor, Allocatee, and each source of leverage financing;
  • identify and secure other sources of financing (including traditional financing, state NMTCs, and other federal, state and local subsidies);
  • structure the overall financing (including not just the NMTC financing) to satisfy specific underwriting, legal and tax requirements of the NMTC Program, and as otherwise required;
  • draft a detailed and strategic executive summary of the borrower’s operations and project, including but not limited to: (a) a census tract distress analysis; (b) detailed analysis to support the quantification and qualification of community impacts; (c) support that all legal and tax requirements are satisfied; (d) support that all underwriting requirements are satisfied; and (e) support that any other requirements that are unique to the particular overall financing and the structure is satisfied;
  • prepare financial projections required for the overall financing;
  • timely and strategically complete all intake forms from targeted NMTC Investors, Allocatees, and sources of leverage financing, as well as provide any required due diligence materials;
  • negotiate term sheets provided by NMTC Investors, Allocatees, sources of leverage financing, and any other debt or equity providers;
  • provide an efficient timeline with benchmarks through the targeted closing date of the NMTC financing;
  • facilitate each closing by collecting due diligence materials and creating a drop box;
  • manage the closing and funding;
  • provide ongoing asset management, compliance and reporting services; and
  • provide such other services as set forth in our Consulting Agreement in order to “quarterback” the facilitation of the overall financing.

To apply for NMTC financing, please click on the following link: