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Community Reinvestment Associates, LLC
Chicago, Illinois

Matt Stinson
Managing Memeber

Matt has 20 years of experience in (a) applying for and securing governmental subsidies (such as tax increment financing, taxable bonds, tax-exempt bonds, and various federal, state and local subsidies), and traditional financing (including debt and equity); (b) facilitating private-public partnership financings; (c) leveraging financings with federal and state tax credit financing (including new markets tax credits, historic tax credits, and low-income housing tax credits); and (d)  applying for and securing small-business related financings (including the SBA 7a Loan Program, SBA CDC/504 Loan Program and SBA CAPLines).

Susan Hanek
Managing Member

Susan has 30 years of experience in (a) real estate and operational transaction financing (involving private, corporate, and community foundations; professional and trade organizations; civic and social welfare organizations; art and cultural institutions; healthcare and community mental health organizations; hospital conversion foundations; colleges, universities, and secondary schools; economic development corporations; and human service agencies and religious groups); and (b) identifying and securing grants, donations, and favorable and nontraditional financing.

Scott Sunagel
Managing Member

Scott has 25 years of experience in applying for and securing (a) federal and state tax credit financing (including low-income housing tax credits, historic tax credits, historic easements and new markets tax credits); (b) subsidies provided by the USDA (such as business and industry loan guarantees; rural business development grants, and benefits provided by the rural business investment program); (c) traditional and nontraditional forms of debt and equity; and (d) subsidies provided the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (such as those provided by capital magnet fund grants, the bond guarantee program, and healthy food initiatives).

David Murphy

David has 7 years of experience in (a) developing budget projections for for-profit and non-profits in connection with federal and state tax credit financings, debt financing and tax alternatives (such as analyzing existing banking relationships and financing documents, determining debt coverage and sensitivity levels, current and prospective alternatives (including refinancing based on local and regional markets); and (b) analyzing cost segregation alternatives (such as the reclassifying of assets to maximize personal property, optimize depreciation deductions, and provide more substantial cash flow benefits and “Section 481(a) adjustments”).

Robin Turner
Community and Economic Benefits

Robin has 12 years of experience in (a) conducting preliminary economic business impact analysis; (b) conducting market and feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses; (c) developing and evaluating business assistance, business retention and financing plans; (d) applying for  and securing national, regional, state and local economic development subsidies; (e) negotiating development and redevelopment activities with governmental and community stakeholders; and (f) preparing  reports on economic and community development activities.